The German club kicked 7 players after the “funny” photo with a Nazi gesture

Немецкий клуб выгнал 7 игроков после "забавного" фото с нацистским жестом

The players framed the Turkish sponsor of the club.

Seven Amateur players of the German club “1920 Myl” expelled for posing with a Nazi salute.

One of the sponsors of the club Engin Arslan – ethnic Turks, who owns a cafe asked the players to make a fun photo. Seven of the fifteen players portrayed the Nazi gesture.

Arslan posted a photo to Facebook, but after a short time removed the post. But the photograph came to the leaders of the club, which decided to expel him from the team seven players representing the gesture.

“When we heard about this incident, convened a meeting of the Executive Board of the club. According to our rules, we could only exclude players from the team”, – said the representative of the club mark Wickens.

In addition, the club has stopped cooperation with a sponsor.

“It was a huge mistake, so I apologize to each of the players and the club. I’m sorry guys,” said Arslan.

Players also apologized for the gesture. However, the episode investigates the German police because the Nazi salute is forbidden in Germany.

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