The German foreign Ministry invited the Ambassador of Turkey to interview in connection with the arrest of a journalist in Istanbul

МИД Германии пригласил посла Турции на беседу в связи с арестом журналиста в Стамбуле

Turkey’s Ambassador to the Federal Republic of Germany was invited to the foreign Ministry in connection with the arrest in Turkey of the newspaper Die Welt Denise Ysela. This is reported in the press service of the foreign Ministry of Germany.

According to the report, Turkey’s Ambassador to Germany was invited to the foreign Ministry for talks, and his visit to the Ministry is not official.

“In all actions of the state of freedom of the press and freedom of speech should be taken into account, and this is especially true in relation to criminal justice,” reads the statement the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Germany.

Note that Monday, February 27, a court in Istanbul has granted the Prosecutor’s request for the arrest of the journalist of the German newspaper Die Welt Denise Ysela. 43-year-old journalist is accused of membership in a terrorist organization and disseminating propaganda.

Earlier it was reported that in the last six months Germany has received from Turkish diplomats 136 requests for political asylum. This number of applications is due to mass purges and arrests after an unsuccessful attempt of coup in the country in July last year.

Also, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that Turkey may hold a new referendum on the reintroduction of the death penalty. It needs to be held April 16.


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