The girl found in the lake of the millennial sword of the Vikings

Девочка нашла в озере тысячелетний меч викингов

The age of the sword is 1.5 thousand years

A child discovered antiquity in the Swedish lake. The age of the weapon is about 1.5 thousand years.

An eight year old girl Saga was found in a Swedish lake Vidöstern ancient sword, which is about 1.5 thousand years. This writes ABC News.

The exact age of the sword was established by the employees of the local Museum. According to them, the gun belonged to the warrior of the Viking age.

The girl said she actually stepped on the sword when he walked on water. She picked up some items and noticed the handle.

Later, the father showed the find friend and he recognized her sword. The weapon reaches a length of 85 inches, and the scabbard is made of wood and leather.

Discovered was ancient even in the summer this year, but it became known about it only now.

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