The girl jumped from high-rise buildings in Mariupol “as part of the quest”

Девушка прыгнула с многоэтажки в Мариуполе "в рамках квеста"

The girl was signed on a quest-a group in social network

Shortly before his death, the girl published a photo from the high-rises in the social network.

In Mariupol the 15-year-old girl jumped from the thirteenth floor of the house, committed suicide. According to her friends, it could happen “as part of the quest,” according to the police website.

The personal belongings of the girls, the police found a notebook with notes of suicidal nature, and her parents and friends told me that it was a closed and shy girl, and has repeatedly expressed intentions to commit suicide.

“The girl was signed for the group in the social network, where users performed various tasks of a moderator, ostensibly as part of the quest. Among them – hold your hand over the fire for a few seconds, and then pierced the burnt spot with a needle. Her last assignment was to jump off high – rises,” police said.

According to witnesses, shortly before his death in the social network, the girl left a record of suicidal nature and attached the photos with flats.

According to local media reports, the girl jumped in the afternoon. In her hands was a cellphone, and in the ears headphones.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that in Kharkov the judge jumped out of the window of the apartment on the sixth floor.