The girl reminded the player Middlesbrough that he is married

Девушка напомнила игроку Миддлсбро, что он женат

Gaston Ramirez

Middlesbrough midfielder Gaston Ramirez got into an awkward situation.

Uruguayan attacking midfielder plays in England for 4.5 years, going in the summer of 2012 in Southampton from Bologna. Middlesbrough, his third English club.

However, it is not sports achievement of the player is discussing the British press. The midfielder got into a very unpleasant story. Instagram chatting with a girl he asked “does she have a young man.” She decided to answer look at page 26-the summer football player on Wikipedia, where I found the information that Gaston is officially married to a certain Michaela Duarte, with whom he has a son.

“I am free, but you’re not,” replied the girl, attaching the screen shot of the exact page in Wikipedia.

Девушка напомнила игроку Миддлсбро, что он женат

After this incident, Ramirez was waiting for deleting all of their pages in social networks, and also, probably, an unpleasant conversation with his wife.

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