The goal is not to win but to return: Results of a dull zeros Dynamo in Naples

Цель - не победа, а отдача: Итоги унылых нулей "Динамо" в Неаполе

Napoli – Dinamo

Zero attempts on target, zero chances and 2 angled against 17 opponents, the case when the numbers simply describe what happened on the field. Napoli started the match with clear intention to win in front of home audience, while “Dinamo” had the task, above all, not to miss told Khacheridi after the match. To put it simply, was setup not to embarrass myself, about the victory as one which preserved the chances to continue their Champions League campaign, it was not, it may be considered as an added bonus. In the end, as said, all the same Khacheridi, he played a more or less normal, game is not a shame.

You know, I’ve seen this more or less normal performance from Dynamo. This spring against “Teams”, when after losing the first match we had a big win in Manchester. Then, too, was meek game with one desire – not to be humiliated. About to win it too was not. Of course, such goals are declared, in public, exactly, about this before the match, says the coach, say the players, but the ball is not lying, the game also can see, what was the setting, if the team is only in forced situations to attack and does so rather cautiously and hesitantly, only showing intention. Then and now the result of the coaching setup has been made – I was not ashamed, I think, not screwed up. But with this approach, large teams are not born, but young players don’t become strong.

The impression that in both cases, head coach Serhiy Rebrov worked on their own summary. Exit draws with the “my Teams” and “Napoli” are looking good, if you do not consider the context of the situations in which they were extracted. But the context, as the game is forgotten, and the result is. Rebrov decided to approach this issue pragmatically, and therefore chose the path of self-preservation, did not want to look for trouble, take risks, prefer sly to merge. He decided to play very accurately, it is desirable not to lose, but most importantly, without the defeat was because then we would talk about resignation cannot be avoided, it is now useless. With the final whistle, relieved, ribs contentedly drank some water and went to podtribunnogo room. It’s done, the President got the right picture, the team looked solid at the moment, apparently, nothing more is required.

On the one hand there is nothing wrong when a coach is trying to please his employer, that’s fine. Too bad that the choice is made the path of least resistance. Especially now, when Dynamo took a course on the rejuvenation and Ukrainization of the core team. Bad that the young players served example, when a key objective is to play well and not win. Such players taking part in these games will be simply unable in the future to comeback from 0-3, like yesterday’s “Besiktas” with “Benfica”. They will not have the mentality of a winner, it will be simply nowhere to take. Is the problem not only of Kiev “Dynamo” and national team.

Humanly I understand Rebrov, his desire to remain in office “Dynamo” and continue his coaching work in the future. Now, however, a very important moment, the declared intention to build a new team, it is important to do the right thing, to a couple of years not to begin a new restructuring. In this construction, the key role played by the head coach, he is engaged in the development of players. Not so long ago in the material I already wondered whether cope with such tasks ribs. After another cowardly match for the calendar year of doubt became more.

Sergey Zaburunye

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