The goal of the 2nd division of Belgium, which will envy even Ibrahimovic

Гол из 2-го дивизиона Бельгии, которому позавидует даже Ибрагимович

Fans will regret the day did not fill the stands that day.

In the match of the second division of the championship of Belgium between Union St and Illua Roeselare spectators witnessed a fantastic goal with the heel.

The game is quite long to please the fans with goals, but in the 77th minute, the Malian striker of the hosts Yusuf Niakate incredible heel shot opened the scoring, sending the ball under the crossbar.

This goal helped the team win with the score 2:0

Recall that recently a fan of such shock – Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored his 500th goal in his career. The goal was very spectacular and to celebrate, the Swede signed on the forehead of the fan.

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