The Google beginning to test unmanned trucks

Подразделение Google начало тестировать беспилотные грузовики

The rivalry Waymo and Otto went to a new level

The company Waymo, which is a division of Google and has been manufacturing technologies for unmanned vehicles, began testing Autonomous trucks. This project Waymo, which the company previously did not apply, regard as a serious challenge for Uber, which a year ago acquired Otto, specializing in developments in the field of Autonomous transportation.

Waymo the representative noted that there is only the test model of the Autonomous truck of the company. During the test they ran still by hand and ran through the streets to collect the necessary data.

“Technology of automated driving will help to deliver people and cargo much safer than it is now, and will also help to reduce the thousands of deaths a year that occur as a result of truck crashes. We put in a self-driving trucks our eight years of experience in the development and testing of systems of Autonomous control of vehicles”, – said the representative of Waymo.

Подразделение Google начало тестировать беспилотные грузовики

Waymo already showed their Autonomous cars

We will note, recently the rivalry Waymo and Otto went to a new level. In February 2017 Waymo has filed a lawsuit against Uber for what the founder of the Otto – engineer Anthony Lewandowski, who previously worked at Google, used the developments of the last, creating our company. 30 may it was announced that Uber has decided to immediately dismiss Lewandowski.