The government of Vanuatu sells for bitcoin citizenship

Государство Вануату продает за биткоины гражданство

A citizen of Vanuatu can be for 42 BTC

Citizenship will cost 42 BTC or $200 000.

The island nation of Vanuatu, located in the Pacific ocean near Australia, has started to accept bitcoins in the programme of citizenship, according to AIN.

As noted, to obtain a passport of the Republic, you need to pay $200 000. At the rate bitcoin is about 42 BTC.

Vanuatu is part of the Commonwealth of Nations, and his passport allows you to travel without a visa in 116 countries, including member States of the EU and the UK.

Another advantage of Ni-Vanuatu citizenship for foreigners is an island country does not charge taxes on capital gains or income tax.

In addition to the standard checks of data provided, necessary for the acquisition of citizenship of Vanuatu, all bitcoin transactions will be conducted through the Australian exchange partner program.

Specialist in investment migration Christian Nesheim, who was adviser to the government of the state to implement bitcoin payments, said that such a move Vanuatu will lead to significant interest in citizenship of the island Republic.

Recall, the NBU could not recognize the cryptocurrency money and warns about the risks of fraud.