The government of Vanuatu will not sell citizenship with bitcoins

Государство Вануату не будет продавать гражданство за биткоины

Citizenship only sell for dollars

The government of the island nation are only interested in dollars.

Vanuatu officially has denied the information that the government sells citizenship for bitcoins. This writes the Vila Times, reports Forklog.

According to General Secretary of Management on Affairs of citizenship Samuel Garay, the government of Vanuatu is only interested in US dollars and no other currency or cryptocurrency.

“Management on Affairs of citizenship does not possess any legal confirmation of the so-called bitcoin payments, which is written in the media. All payments in the framework of the DSP continue to be accepted in US dollars, in accordance with the provisions on citizenship,” said Garay.

At the same time, he added, any other agreement, subagent will not be considered by Management on Affairs of citizenship.

Earlier it was reported that the island nation of Vanuatu, located in the Pacific ocean near Australia, has started to accept bitcoins in the framework of citizenship. To obtain a passport of the Republic, you need to pay $200 000. At the rate bitcoin is about 42 BTC.