The government will not be punished for dual citizenship

Власти не будут наказывать за двойное гражданство

The Ukrainian government will not punish the Transcarpathians for dual citizenship

Second citizenship is not stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation, but direct punishment for this.

Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin stressed that the Ukrainian authorities will not punish the inhabitants of Transcarpathia, which in addition to Ukrainian received Hungarian citizenship. The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs said at a press conference in Uzhgorod, writes UNIAN.

“Of course, there’s an emotional wave around the fact that we sent the Hungarian Consul. I again explained that we do not blame the Hungarians that they acquire a second citizenship, in the sense that we want them to punish for it,” – said Klimkin.

“The second citizenship is not stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation, but direct punishment is not, and all these petitions, who are very concerned, now the Hungarian community, – of course, we condemn them. How can you talk about the deportation of our citizens, which, although illegal, have received second citizenship, but nevertheless, we’re for it not punished,” – said the Minister.

“I once again explained it, do not worry because here are some such idiotic myths circulating: all are dual passports are now to be deported. Who will be deported? What deport? Do not skip over the border. One not to miss, for what? And these stupid myths – they really spread,” said the diplomat.

At the same time, he recalled article 19 of the law on state service, which States that in the case of dual citizenship, a person cannot be civil servants. “By the way, all the representatives of the Hungarian community spoke – we are ready to execute Ukrainian laws. I say you read… That article 19 of the law on civil service. This is what we agreed. Needs to work on this further, but should reduce the emotional degree and to raise the degree of intelligence and commitment,” said Klimkin.

Earlier Pavlo Klimkin said that Ukraine is overdue debate on the issue of dual citizenship. According to him, the country tens or even hundreds of thousands of people have passports of neighbouring countries.

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