The gpsu rejected the words of Lukashenko about the smuggling of weapons

ГПСУ отвергла слова Лукашенко о контрабанде оружия

Cigital denied the words of Lukashenka about the smuggling of weapons across the Ukrainian border

Earlier, Lukashenko instructed to strengthen security at the border with Ukraine allegedly due to illegal importation of weapons.

Common President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko information about the alleged illegal import of weapons from Ukraine is not true. On Friday, October 5, said the head of the state border service Peter Chekal, reports UKRINFORM.

“We share monthly reports with the Belarusians. Was the conversation of the first Deputy of Minister Basil Serwatka with the first Deputy of the border departments of Belarus, during which he assured that any facts concerning the movement of weapons they have. The detention, which took place in the Gomel region for the apartment of Belarusian, where they found weapons, no relation to the border do not have,” said Chical.

When asked about the actions of Lukashenko, who ordered to increase the number of guards on the border with Ukraine because of the alleged illegal supply of weapons to Belarus, Cigital noticed that he could not comment on political statements.

The gpsu President also noted that the intentions of the Belarusian side to increase the number of guards corresponds to the present situation.

“Today, we also increase the number of our units on the border, this is due to the new tactics, which leads the gpsu,” said Chical.

He explained that currently, the state border service units are closer to the border and guard the land in 20 km and not 100 km as before.

“Thus we increase the density of the border to counteract threats – illegal migration, smuggling of goods and drugs”, – said the head of the gpsu.

He noted that EU countries have also increased efforts to combat illegal migration. In particular, Hungary has built a whole system very high quality of engineering structures, and the Ukrainian side intends to use its experience in this matter.

Note, in the last days formed a large queue of cars at the Ukrainian-Polish border. In this regard, the Ministry of foreign Affairs convened a special Council with the poles.


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