The GPU cited three reasons for the tragedy in Prince

В ГПУ назвали три причины трагедии в Княжичах

Lutsenko cited three reasons for the death of police officers in Knyazhychi

They can be negligence, lack of car of civil service of the beacons, and the preliminary exploration of the situation.

A genrokuror Yuriy Lutsenko cited three reasons, which individually or in the aggregate could cause a firefight in the City, which killed five policemen.

Earlier, the GPU got a full video of a firefight in the City, and Lutsenko told about the new version of shooting in the City.

The first reason, according to the attorney General, could be the negligence of the leaders of the operation on detention of a gang of robbers.

The second reason – the absence in the car of civil service of protection flashing indicators, which could be identified.

As a third possible reason Lutsenko pointed out that the operation was ordered by storm to release the detained of law enforcement officers without a preliminary reconnaissance of the situation.

Recall that in early December during a special operation in the City killed five security officials. The shootout occurred between the police CORD and employees of the State security service.

Four of the five victims were shot in a marked car in the State guard, and all the cops were wearing bulletproof vests and non-lethal weapons.

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The GPU got a full video of the shootout in Knyazhychi

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