The GPU has studied the report of the Kachanovsky about the shootings on the Maidan

ГПУ изучала доклад Качановского о расстрелах на Майдане

The Prosecutor General’s office studied the report of Professor Ivan Kachanovsky about the murders on the Maidan, placed on the Internet. This was announced by the Prosecutor of the Department of special investigations of the GPU Alexey Donskoy, the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Yes, of course. I’m the only one that is not ready to say that familiar with the authentic report. That is, I am familiar with those materials which were posted on the Internet as report, Kachanovsky. Of course, we studied it in its entirety… the Parts that where indicated, must be reviewed in the course of the investigation and they were given the rating”, – said don.

We will remind, during videotapes in the case of “Berkut” Viktor Yanukovych submitted to the court several folders with new content. During his public appearances he showed a few folders with new materials that are proposed to attach to the case. Defender Viktor Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk confirmed to the media that in one of these folders – the report of Professor at the University of Ottawa Ivan Kachanovsky, “Sniper massacre” on the Maidan in Ukraine.”

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Note, in international political analyst Ivan Kachanovsky, the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said about his report, which the defence of Viktor Yanukovych wants to attach to the materials of the case about the execution of the Maidan.

According to Kachanovsky, the report deals with the shootings on Maidan in February 2014. The analysis was conducted from the perspective of political theory. The Professor said that his research indicates that the shooting was carried out from the ground, particularly from the hotel “Ukraina” or other homes that are controlled by the party of the Maidan, and not a party of “Berkut” or other government forces. The scientist says that the proof versions may serve as well as a video that helped to reconstruct the massacre.

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