The GPU will not to depose Yanukovych in Russia

ГПУ не будет допрашивать Януковича в России

Viktor Yanukovych

The fugitive President shall be responsible before the Ukrainian court, say prosecutors.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine refused to participate in the interrogation of the fugitive President Viktor Yanukovych on the territory of Russia. This was stated by the Prosecutor of the Chief military Prosecutor’s office Ruslan Kravchenko broadcast channel 112 Ukraine on Thursday evening, March 9.

“The suspect Yanukovych should be in court and answer before the Ukrainian court. The only way. No interrogation in presence of representatives of the General Prosecutor’s office will not” – said Kravchenko.

The Prosecutor noted that Yanukovych disappears from bodies of pre-trial investigation and the court outside the territory of Ukraine, on the territory of the Russian Federation. “He’s a suspect, and in accordance with the definition of the investigative judge needs to be arrested and taken to court”, – he stressed.

The Prosecutor explained that on the territory of the Russian Federation, he or an investigator who conducts pre-trial investigation, have no right to depose Yanukovych. “It can only do the Russian law enforcement bodies, and we can only be present during the interrogation. But you understand that the Ukrainian Prosecutor or investigator will need to detain the suspect Yanukovych and bring him to court?” – said Kravchenko.

Informed today the General procuracy of the Russian Federation agreed to organize an interrogation of Yanukovych with the participation of the Ukrainian side.

Recall that the GPU wants to adduce Yanukovych of all his speeches during the events on Maidan and after.

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