The growth of carbon dioxide emissions stopped – environmentalists

Рост выбросов углекислого газа прекратился – экологи

According to experts, coal is losing popularity among energy companies

Carbon dioxide emissions for the third year do not increase, the report said.

The decline in coal consumption in the United States last year played a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, according to the organization’s report “Global carbon project”. Despite the acceleration in economic growth, carbon dioxide emissions for the third year do not increase, the report said. Experts believe that it is too early to say that the level of carbon dioxide emissions peaked.

In October 2016, the world meteorological organization reported that the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere of our planet in 2015 for the first time during the observation period has reached a critical level of 400 parts per million. According to experts of the WMO, it is possible that the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere now will not fall below this bar “over many generations”.

Due to the global recession, CO2 emissions started to slow in 2010. Currently, their level is about 36 billion tons per year.

Since the Millennium the volume of harmful emissions into the atmosphere each year increased by about 3% – largely due to the economic expansion of China, entered into operation two coal companies every week. But in 2012 when coal consumption was reduced, and decreased carbon dioxide emissions, the authors of the study.

“It’s hard to say whether this was due to the successful restructuring of the Chinese economy or is it a sign of economic instability in China,” said one of the authors of the study Glen Peters from the Center for climate and environmental research in Oslo.

In the US, carbon emissions are reduced from 2007. The fall comes amid lower demand for U.S. coal.

“Wind, solar energy and gas continues to displace coal in electricity generation in the U.S. trump’s Plans to revive the coal industry will not be able to change the existing laws of the market, which reduce the coal supply in General,” said Glen Peters.

Source: Russian service Bi–bi–si