The growth rate of the “hole” in the budget of Ukraine slowed down

Темпы роста "дыры" в бюджете Украины замедлились

This year, the budget surplus changed to deficit

In January, the budget deficit amounted to 12.3 billion hryvnia, and in February of 1.3 billion.

By the end of February the state budget of Ukraine deficit of 13.6 billion UAH, whereas the previous month “hole” in the budget was $ 12.3 billion, a year earlier, the budget for this period were drawn with a surplus of 15.3 billion. This was reported on the website of the Ministry of Finance on Friday, March 15.

“The deficit was financed through domestic borrowing. In January-February, the Finance Ministry placed government bonds amounting to the equivalent of 60.1 billion UAH, including in the national currency – UAH 34.8 billion in currency, $886 million and EUR33 million”, – stated in the message.

The Finance Ministry pointed out that since the beginning of this year, on March 6, the amount of government bonds owned by non-residents has more than doubled or nearly 7 billion UAH.

The Ministry added that on 1 March foreign currency account of the government was funded at $512 million due to the loan borrowed under a partial guarantee by the world Bank.

Thus, the state budget revenues in January-February was of 124.8 billion, or 99.2% of the painting, which is 12% or 13.3 billion UAH more than in January-February 2018. At the same time, revenues for the General Fund was performed only on 89.7% of the painting, indicates the Finance Ministry, without specifying an absolute indicator. The office explained this result with a record payout of 32.8 billion of VAT refunds, reduction of tobacco production and a significant accumulated stocks of excise goods and a lower forecast import growth.

State budget expenditure for this period was 138,4 billion, exceeding consumption for the two months 2018 22.3%. Including the General Fund were paid 129,5 billion, or 20.9% more than last year, but only in 91.4% of the painting.

The Ministry of Finance said that in February, the state budget revenues reached 70,3 billion, which is 8.6% above the painting and 24.9% higher than in the Feb-2018. General Fund revenues of the state budget amounted to 97.9% from painting, and the income of special Fund – 197,9% due to the receipt in the special Fund UAH 7.7 bn from clearance “EuroBLECH” and 1.5 billion UAH from the special confiscation.

Note, the state budget revenues-2019 determined in the amount of 1,026 trillion UAH, including General Fund – 928,51 billion UAH, and costs – accordingly 1,112 trillion UAH 1,006 trillion UAH.

Earlier, the SFS reported record revenues of the state budget-2018. Last year the state budget revenues amounted to more than a trillion hryvnia, exceeding figures of the previous year to 170 billion.


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