The guarantee Fund has sold the assets of banks on 228 million

Фонд гарантирования распродал активы банков на 228 млн гривен

The Fund sold the assets of banks on more than 200 million hryvnia

The Foundation auctioned the assets of 35 banks.

The Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits last week sold the assets of 35 banks in the amount of 228,01 million. This was reported on the official website of the Fund.

As noted, in particular, were attracted 158,48 million UAH as a result of auctions for the sale of rights of claim on loans 68.6 million UAH – for the sale of fixed assets.

This took place on auctions to sell rights of claim on loans and fixed assets Bank Forum totaling 123,41 million UAH, of Fidobank – by 18.67 million UAH, Delta Bank – by 15.21 million UAH, the Bank Finance and Credit – by 7.59 million UAH, the Bank’s Standard 2.26 million UAH, the Bank’s Kiev – 1.9 million UAH, City commercial Bank – 0.95 million.

The basic funds of the Bank Khreschatyk was implemented in the amount 19,39 million UAH, Bank Nadra– by 18.18 million UAH, Prime-Bank– by 5.07 million, Fortuna-Bank – for 0.59 million UAH, Cambio– 0.35 million UAH, Zakhidinkombank – 0.15 million UAH, the Bank’s Integral– by 0.12 million, of avant-Bank– 0.04 million.

Rights of claim on loans VAB Bank were realized in the amount of 8.55 million UAH, Bank national credit – by 2.35 million, Brokbiznesbank– 0.72 million UAH, Bank Kyivska Rus – 0.62 million UAH, VBR 0.58 million, Expobank – 0.32 million UAH and Bank Mikhailovsky– 0.05 million.

We will remind, in the summer of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits sold assets of liquidated banks 34 on 75,31 million.