The guard played the girl, planting the drugs

Пограничник разыграл девушку, подбросив наркотики

The guard made a proposal to his girlfriend, throwing her drugs

After interrogation and threats of imprisonment appeared her boyfriend, who told me that this is a hoax and made a proposal to the girl.

The Ukrainian border guard has made a proposal to his girlfriend, throwing her drugs while crossing its border, writes the District.Lubomil.

It is reported that Oksana Mickovska returned to Ukraine from Poland, but at the checkpoint Yagodin under her car found two large package with white powder and some pills.

Experts who examined the find, suggested that amphetamine or heroin. The girl warned, smuggling drugs, she could face a prison term of 3 to 6 years.

In the end, the scene appeared her boyfriend – the border guard Yury Petruk, who said that the story of the smuggling was his draw.

Approaching the girl with a bouquet of 101 roses, he approached the girl and proposed to her. Surprised the bride with tears in his eyes, took a marriage proposal and said Yes.

Note that last year in Kiev under the guise of the drawing of the kidnapped man.

And in the US the draw with Islamic terrorism caused a scandal.