The hard times of the conflict in the Donbas have already completed, Payette

Тяжелые времена конфликта на Донбассе уже прошли, - Пайетт

The hard times of the conflict in the Donbas have already passed. This was during a meeting with students of Mariupol state University, said the US Ambassador to Ukraine Pyatt, reports “gromadske radio”.

“We understand what a huge ordeal I had to go through Ukraine for two years the Russian aggression. On the other hand, we still think that you have already passed the hard times of the conflict. And now began the construction of genuine European democracy, which is the goal of Ukraine for the past 25 years,” said Payette.

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Speaking about integration of the occupied Donbass in the Ukraine, the us diplomat said that the holding of local elections is an important part of this process, but only after the parties to the conflict will be performed all provisions of the Minsk agreements, as well as, when Ukraine will restore full control on the Eastern border of the state.

“The United States intends to bring to full implementation of the Minsk agreements. This means a complete ceasefire, the withdrawal of all Russian troops and weapons, a return to Ukraine control of the border, release of all hostages, including Hope Savchenko. As well as the holding of elections according to OSCE standards. Such elections, which were held here in Mariupol. This election should elect the present democratic leadership,” said the Ambassador.

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When communicating with students, Payette commented on the state of the Ukrainian economy. According to the diplomat, Ukraine should be a rich state, but “the current state of the economy does not match the existing potential of the country”.

Earlier it was reported that assistant Secretary of state Victoria Nuland during a recent visit to Ukraine, Kiev has put forward the new requirements of Western partners – until the end of may to adopt a law on elections in the occupied Donbas to the end of August to conduct the elections themselves.

At the same time, the very Nuland at a briefing in Kyiv said that the concrete date of the elections in the Donbas was not called.