The head coach of Leganes: Lunin will have to wait his chance

Главный тренер Леганеса: Лунину придется подождать своего шанса

According to Pellegrino, the Ukrainian goalkeeper spent too little time with the team.

Head coach of Madrid Mauricio Pellegrino has announced the name of the goalkeeper who will take a place in the starting lineup for the next match against Villarreal. From the first minute on the field will not Andrei Lunin, and his colleague Ivan Cuellar.

“Next Sunday in the first team will come Cuellar. Due to stay in the national team, Lunin too late to join the team.

He fit in the team, and perfectly manifests itself in training. I have no claims to his dedication, but Lunin will have to wait his chance”,- quotes the words of Pellegrino

Despite the fact that Lunin has not played in the national team, his club congratulated the goalkeeper on the national team.

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