The head of Krivoozersky RGA expresses the stabilization of the situation after the tragedy of the murder Zuckerman

Глава Кривоозерской РГА заявляет о стабилизации ситуации после трагедии с убийством Цукермана

Situacija, in the krivoozersky area is stabilized. This broadcast channel “112 Ukraine” said the head of the Krivoozersky district state administration Alexey Miroshnichenko.

“The situation has stabilized, it was localized almost on the first day. After these events, no hooligan actions were not. The position of people does not coincide with what was relayed in the media… This situation was exploited by people who tried to stir up the situation even came from neighboring areas and villages . They realized that to roll out the situation will fail,” – said Miroshnichenko.

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As you know, in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, 24 August in the village of Kryve Ozero in the Nikolaev area there was a conflict between a taxi driver and a 32-year-old Alexander Zuckerman. In place of the police arrived and arrested the Zuckerman. Eyewitnesses said that during the arrest the police began to beat the man who was in handcuffs, and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko later reported that the detainee also shot. As a result, 32-year-old man died. Doctors found that he died from a gunshot wound. Now six police officers arrested.

Three of them remanded: Denis Shatskogo was arrested for two months,the senior Lieutenant Nikolay Khomenko and Sergeant Alexander Pricepaid for one month.

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