The head of Ncorpus told about fights under AP

Глава Нацкорпуса рассказал о потасовках под АП

Andriy Biletsky, explained why the protest was organized in the day when Poroshenko was not in the AP.

The leader of the political party national corpus Andrew Biletsky explained why the action “Svinarchuk Poroshenko – behind bars” was organized in the weekend and the activists went to the presidential Administration, knowing that Petro Poroshenko is the day in Cherkassy. He said this at a press conference in Kyiv on Monday, March 11.

According to him, on weekdays, all supporters of the campaign are working, and in AP they only wanted to transmit their demands to Poroshenko officials who were there.

He also commented on the fact that the participation in the protest of adolescents. He noted that to control the age of participants is impossible, because the only task of the party to the perpetrators of corruption were behind bars.

“If Poroshenko will fulfill our requirements without provocation, next Saturday the action will not” – said the leader of the radicals.

He also answered the question of how it relates to exposure to the site Peacemaker activist Dmitry Kukharchuk. “The Peacemaker website at the time was a great initiative, and now it has become a political trash and in the interests of the regime Poroshenko… let it be. In fact, Dmitry Kukharchuk wanted to spit on Poroshenko,” – said the politician.

Also at the press conference Biletsky Savel that the government prepares repression against those who support the action “Svinarchuk Poroshenko – behind bars”.

According to him, this is evidenced by the fact that two people have been detained, however, been proved that the arrest was illegal, and the searches were conducted without court.

“The presidential administration is preparing the following: there is pressure on the state Bureau of investigation to open a case for criminal organization. This is now in Ukraine there are only two criminal organizations are LDNR and the administration of the President and the entire vertical of power. This is a people robbed the country. They – all signs of criminal organizations”, – said the leader of the “Nazarus”.

Biletsky also expressed confidence that the President Petro Poroshenko intends to take revenge on the regiment Azov – now there is a study of the question as to dissolve the most effective battalion.

“Now is the development of tactics: to Poroshenko had not asked questions, the events will expose conscripts to provoke clashes. We will not push it… We just want Svinarchuk and the people who cover them, were in prison,” – said the party leader.

“They prepare the physical destruction of the leaders of the movement. The customer is Poroshenko, and performer – Viktor Kononenko,” said he.

Recall, March 9 activists of Nazarus and Razdrogin gathered at the independence square with the requirement to investigate the theft in the defense industry and to “put Svinarchuk”, the father, the son, and to confiscate their property.

After the rally on independence nationalists went to the presidential Administration where clashes with security forces. A huge column began to emphasize on the police, those wearing gas masks and used tear gas.

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