The head of “OUP” considers the problem of the lack of official reaction of Poland to the incident during the “March of eagles”

Глава "ОУП" считает проблемой отсутствие официальной реакции Польши на инцидент во время "марша орлят"

The head of the “Association of Ukrainians in Poland,” Peter Tim

The head of Association of Ukrainians in Poland, Piotr Tim believes the problem is the lack of official reaction of Poland to the incident during the “March of eagles”. He reported about it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“I don’t think we can say that it is the mood of the whole society. However, in the Przemysl has always been active protivokariesnoe cell. Those protivokariesnoe cells quite strongly intensified, especially since the Russian aggression in Crimea … There are organizations, cells and politicians, who speculate on anti-Ukrainian sentiment. They are using the anniversary of the fight for Przemysl 1918, also inflame these passions. Expression of these passions is the March”, – he said.

Tim also stressed that this year the March was held under the patronage of state institutions of Poland.

“This problem is not only that these marches are held under the patronage of the mayor. Because for the first time in history, they also organized under the auspices of the Institute of national memory and cultural institutions of the Cultural center in przemyśl, which is a public institution. Also, this patronage was given by the Deputy of Parliament. It’s a different quality compared to previous years… today the reaction of the authorities there, and this is a serious problem,” said Tim.

Earlier media has published video of the “March of the eagles Przemysl and Lviv”, which was held in the Polish city of Przemysl (located in 7 km from border of Ukraine) on Saturday, December 10. At the time of passage of the columns past the building of the Ukrainian national center, one of the demonstrators shouted “Death to Ukrainians!” and the demonstrators in chorus supported him.

It is noted that this year’s “March of eagles” organized not only right-wing organizations as sapolsky youth and National-radical camp, an informal group of “Patriotic Przemysl”, but the cultural institution of Subcarpathian Voivodeship Cultural center in przemyśl. The patronage over the March took, in particular, the mayor of Przemysl Robert Homa.

Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, condemned the anti-Ukrainian slogans that were expressed during the annual “March of Przemysl and lwów Eaglets” in the border city of Przemysl.

Association of Ukrainians in Poland (OUP) called on the Polish authorities to counter manifestations of hostility towards the Ukrainian minority of Poland and the citizens of Ukraine.

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