The head of SBU told about attempts to create “Bessarabian people’s Republic”

Глава СБУ рассказал о попытках создать "Бессарабскую народную республику"

Hrytsak spoke about the attempts to create “Bessarabian people’s Republic”

These attempts were inspired by “the secret services of other countries.”

In 2015, attempts were made to create “Bessarabian people’s Republic” on the basis of the nine districts of Odessa region. This was stated by the Chairman of SBU Vasily Gritsak, reports Ukrainian Pravda.

According to him, these attempts were instigated by “foreign secret services”.

“Until April 2015 it was planned, blowing up two bridges, to create “Bessarabian people’s Republic” on the basis of the nine districts. We seized a bunch of documents that testify to the fact that he was already a candidate for southern Bessarabia. For identified data, it was planned sunset “little green men” from the Transnistrian region, and further destabilize the situation in Moldova, Romania, and the sunset on Europe’s hybrid war”, – he said.

He also expressed confidence that since that time much has changed thanks to the coordinated work of the security service and other organs and now the likelihood of manifestations of separatism in this regions is very low.

He also said that Russia is financing extremist activity in Ukraine. According to him, some politicians “of the second and third echelons” meeting secretly with representatives of former Ukrainian political elites, who fled to Russia and get them to and from the Russian special services funding to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

Earlier in Odessa took place the founding Congress of the so-called “people’s Parliament of Bessarabia”, which attracted the attention of the SBU.

In the Odessa region was elected “commandant of Bessarabia”