The head of the Amazon has been the richest single day

Глава Amazon пробыл самым богатым один день

Jeff Bezos lowered the rating on the background of falling shares in the company to 77 percent.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos held on one day at the top of the Forbes richest people in the world.

According to the July 28 first place regained the founder of Microsoft bill gates.

Status Bezos on 28th July decreased by 543 million dollars and is estimated at 88.7 billion, while the capital gates is 89,8 billion.

At the same time, according to Bloomberg Bezos owns 89.3 per billion, and gates – 90,7 billion.

On the third place in ratings rich is Amancio Ortega is the head of the holding company Inditex – with the state of 82,7 billion.

The cause of the loss of leadership in the ranking was the fall of Amazon’s stock against the publication of a July 27 earnings report.

According to the document, net profit fell by 77 percent and amounted to $ 197 million versus $ 857 million in the second quarter of 2016. While revenue grew 25 percent.

On 26 July, Amazon was worth more than $ 500 billion. He is among the five most expensive companies in the world.

On April 29 of last year, Bezos earned six billion dollars in three hours. His condition has increased due to the growth of the company’s shares amid record quarterly reporting.