The head of the constitutional court dismissed

Глава Конституционного суда уволен

Stanislav Shevchuk

The constitutional court dismissed the head of the KSU Stanislav Shevchuk. For this decision voted 12 judges.

Judges of the constitutional court at a closed session today voted in favor of the dismissal of the head of KSU Stanislav Shevchuk. This was reported to UNN in the press service of the CCU.

For dismissal voted 12 judges. Thus, they supported the conclusion of the Commission on rules and ethics, which pointed to the existence of grounds for exemption Shevchuk from the post of judge of the constitutional Court of Ukraine in connection with “the Commission of a significant disciplinary misconduct, gross and systematic neglect of duties incompatible with the status of judges of the constitutional court of Ukraine”.

Under the new law on the constitutional court, judges are required to elect a new President within one month. Shevchuk’s dismissal means not only his resignation from the post of head of KSU, but also the deprivation of its status of a judge.

Earlier today, the head of KSU Shevchuk expressed distrust. Judges of the constitutional court refused to consider the law on lustration, and decided to vote no confidence in the head of the court. Shevchuk, according to media reports, left the meeting.

We will remind, on February 27, the constitutional court of Ukraine issued a decision to cancel the article of the Criminal code on illicit enrichment, which they called unconstitutional. According to the abolished article of the criminal code of Ukraine, civil servants had to give explanations about the sources of their income and their close relatives. In the case that the official couldn’t do it had to prosecute.

Shevchuk was headed by the constitutional court on 21 February 2018. Judge of the CCU he was with Mar 13, 2014.

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