The head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional Council Gleb Prygunov congratulated the military on the front lines

Руководитель  Днепропетровского облсовета Глеб Пригунов поздравил военных на передовой

On the eve of the Day of armed forces of Ukraine in the area of environmental protection to the soldiers of the 25 airborne brigade arrived, the deputies of the regional Council, volunteers and members of the clergy.

Support for the armed forces the priority task of the regional authorities, so this work is ongoing: improve living conditions, strengthening the material-technical base. In addition to sweets, cakes, pastries, children’s drawings and amulets, were transferred to the part and copier.

Also not without rewards and nominal hours from Gleb Prygunova. He added that he was confident that these watches will serve as soldiers and in civilian life after our victory. A special gift – a huge cake of her own making gave the Marines the wife of the Chairman of the regional Council Julia. Gleb Prygunov expressed gratitude to the military of three million inhabitants of the region for the opportunity to feel secure and to work under a peaceful sky. He stressed that taken to the soldiers of brigade 25 obligation to call in honor of the fallen heroes of the street, and has already performed in many cities in the region it is made.

On his page in facebook Gleb Prygunov expressed gratitude to businessmen, students and volunteers who continually support our Ukrainian army: “a Big thank you to all the people who work and pay taxes for the development of our army! I am grateful to the clergy of all religions who pray for the health of our military, for peace in our land! “