The head of the RRT said it was a provocation with fake records

Глава ГБР заявил о провокации с фейковыми записями

In a network there were audio recordings allegedly made in the office of the head of the RRG. The tube says it is fake.

Director of the state Bureau of investigation, the novel Pipe-in-Wednesday, November 20, said it was a provocation after the publication of the certain records alleged wiretapping of his Cabinet, reports UNN.

Earlier in the Telegram-channel “Pipe burst” appeared audio recordings, allegedly made in the office of the Pipe.

He said in this context that “the position of the Director of RRT is a position that is associated constantly with the greatest risks that can be.”

“In a period when RRT can become more efficient and more independent, there are a large number of people. Sometimes wish to unite. I, as a leader, constantly understand that in relation to me, regarding the law enforcement authority can be provocations and fakes. I have been waiting for, and I am sure that this will not be the end. These Postings are fake and a provocation. I am not broke, I knew they were possible, much earlier. I won’t comment on any of the fakes and provocations. If I resign. I will not” – said the Director of the RRG.

He also promised to soon publish the results of an investigation regarding the discovery in his office of an instrument to listen to.

“We know a lot of answers to those questions that not only interested me because the wire was delivered to my office, and which are of interest to the society. I hope that soon you will hear about the results of this investigation, and they will,” said Pipe.

The situation with records was responded to by the public Prosecutor Ruslan riaboshapka, reports

According to him, to begin the assessment published in the Telegram-channel audio recordings of the conversations must be the originals of these recordings and devices with which they were made. “If not, the originals, the fact that we can check?”, – said the head of the GPU on the question of whether the checked records.

However, he acknowledged that the very fact of the publication of the records may be sufficient to open a criminal case.

“Let’s first understand how these audio recordings are authentic, because obviously with modern technology it is possible to compile anything,” said riaboshapka.

Also a question about the records today asked President Vladimir Zelensky.

“I can honestly say that today I have a more serious problem. I don’t know, I don’t know that there is a scandal. I just heard that there is some kind of scandal with the RRG. There are some records? If you don’t mind, I will study the matter and will answer”, – he said to journalists during a visit to the Village of the Luhansk.

Earlier it was reported that the office of the head of the RRT found the wire. The novel Pipe said listening equipment was mounted in a ventilation system. He attributes this to the investigation of resonant Affairs.


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