The head of the US Department of energy saw in Ukraine, “European Texas”

Глава Минэнерго США увидел в Украине "европейский Техас"

American companies are interested in shale gas in Ukraine

Perry compared the potential of the Ukrainian lands in the sphere of shale gas production with the American Texas.

Ukraine has large natural resources and could become a “European Texas.” On Monday, November 12, said the Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry during the meeting with representatives of the American chamber of Commerce in Ukraine and the Business Council the U.S.-Ukraine, Interfax-Ukraine.

“You can not only be a major supplier in terms of delivery of liquefied natural gas through Poland, and then from there provide Europe. Potential exploration and production in Ukraine — and this is sort of my statement: Ukraine could become the Texas of Europe,” he said.

“I remind people that 10 years ago we (in Texas – ed.) said that the world has already mined all of the fossil fuels. They called the time of peak oil, remember? A man traveled the country, talking about the peak of oil production. But these resources have always been there, but innovation and technology have allowed us to access it. And today, the US is the number one country in the production of oil and gas in the world,” said Perry, who was Governor of Texas 2000-2015.

At the same time, he said that many us companies are interested in cooperation with Ukraine: “we Have many companies who will be interested to come here and to talk with the Ukrainian government on the issue of geological exploration, strip planned pipelines, infrastructure capacity, which gives many citizens of Ukraine work and improving the quality of life.”

We will note, earlier about the interest in gas production in Ukraine said the adviser to the President on national security and defence of John Bolton.

Note, in the past year gas production in Ukraine grew by 3.1% to 20.8 billion cubic m. So, this year, the growth rate of production fell three times.

Earlier, Naftogaz said that in October reached a record level of average daily gas production is about 44 million cubic meters.

Note the value of the full cycle of gas production of the company ranges from 180 to 250 dollars per thousand cubic meters.


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