The head of Uber has retired indefinitely

Глава Uber отошел от дел на неопределенный срок

Travis Kalanick need time to recover after his mother’s funeral.

Founder and CEO of taxi service Uber, Travis Kalanick goes on leave for an indefinite period. He stated that the employees of the company.

“I need to retire to mourn mother, who I buried on Friday, to think, to work on yourself and focus on creating a team of leaders of world level”, – reads the statement of Kalanick to employees of the company.

In late may, the boat in which were the parents of Kalanick, Bonnie and Donald, he tripped over a rock and crashed. The mother died on the spot, his father was able to save.

Previously, the company’s Board of Directors reviewed the report of former US attorney General Eric holder’s recommendation to limit the role of Kalanick.

In recent months the company has suffered from a series of scandals, including accusations rigid corporate culture and the litigation with the company Alphabet, accusing Uber of stealing technology for vehicles to Autonomous control.

Left the company several senior managers, including on Tuesday, venture capitalist David Bonderman left the Board of Directors, making several sexist remarks during a speech holder. On Monday it became known about the resignation of chief Director on development of business at Uber Emil Michael.

In February of this year, a former employee of Uber Susan Fowler spoke about sexual harassment and sexism in the company. After that was initiated two investigations, in which on June 6 was dismissed more than 20 employees of Uber, including several leaders.

In addition, in the center of the scandal himself Kalanick. In the Internet appeared the video, where the head of Uber’s arguing with one of the drivers due to the falling freight rates. The publication of the video of Kalanick was forced to declare that he needs help with the management of the company.

As reported Корреспондент.netin March unexpectedly resigned President Uber Jeff Jones, who has been with the company for six months.

Source: Russian service Bi-bi-si