The headquarters of the ATO counted 22 attacks Ukrainian positions

Штаб АТО насчитал 22 обстрела украинских позиций

Shooting at the Donbass not subside

APU 13 times opened fire in response.

For the last day 12 Oct illegal armed groups 22 times attacked the Ukrainian positions in response to the APU 13 times opened fire. It is reported by the headquarters of the ATO in Facebook.

As reported in the headquarters, the shelling was wounded Ukrainian soldier.

“The last day in the ATO area was completed without significant changes in the situation. The enemy in the future concentrated fire activity at the Donetsk direction, single use mortars and the whole range of infantry weapons,” – said in the report.

In the direction of Donetsk on Thursday evening, a few hours militants fired from different types of grenade launchers, heavy machine guns and small arms strongholds of AFU in the area of Avdeyevka industrial area. And around 19:00 was released 6 min caliber 82 mm at the defenders Verhnetoretskogo. In addition, APCS and machine guns, the militants used near Luhansk. Night small arms worked close to the Heater.

On Lugansk the direction the evening was relatively quiet. Only about 18:00 militants fired from a machine gun strong point of the AFU near Novoaleksandrovka.

Recall, October 11, armed units of the separatists 41 times opened fire on positions of Ukrainian Armed forces, Ukrainian troops 28 times responded to the provocation of the enemy.