The headquarters of the ATO told about the battle under Krasnogorovka

В штабе АТО рассказали о бое под Красногоровкой

APU second day in a row have serious losses in the Donbas

Ukrainian military claim that the enemy lost in killed six people.

Ukrainian troops repelled a separatist attack under Krasnogorovka July 20, the price of the death of three military. This reports the press center of staff ATO.

According to the military, on Thursday morning, a sabotage of the enemy of 10-15 people infiltrated into positions of ATO soldiers and attacked the position of one of the mechanized battalions.

During the first moments of the clashes two soldiers were not compatible with life injuries. During the retaliatory fire of the Ukrainian side eliminated two militants, in advance, from a battalion the Stronghold, and then during the withdrawal to the interim position was eliminated two opponents.

“Subsequently, the Ukrainian soldiers reinforcements came. Unfortunately, the warriors were missing one of the fighters. As it turned out, his shell-shocked were captured by the enemy dig. The life of one more soldier was not rescued, he was fatally wounded”, – stated in the message.

Later, under the onslaught of massed rifle fire from Ukrainian soldiers of the enemy retreated under cover of tanks, mortars and rockets mobile Castle.

During the clashes wounds of various severity level have received three Ukrainian soldiers. Subsequently, to evacuate the wounded arrived the medical car, however, the enemy continued shelling, one of the mines exploded near the group of the evacuation, injuring four military.

According to the radio, aware of the loss of the enemy four, and during the retreat, recorded the evacuation of two more dead.

As reported Корреспондент.netjust for the day on 20 July, the separatists 29 times opened fire on positions of AFU. Five soldiers were killed and another eight injured.

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