The hryvnia has fallen off debts uz – media

Гривну обвалила выплата долгов Укрзализныци - СМИ

New the collapse of the hryvnia can expect in April

The company entered the market, and bought $ 175 million for the repayment of Eurobonds, which fell the hryvnia.

The collapse of the hryvnia, which fell sharply this week after a prolonged increase, provoked, uz, bought currency to pay off Eurobonds for $ 175 million. This writes

It is reported that the Railways were to redeem the bonds for $ 175 million until March 15. It is the state-owned company was the main buyer of the currency on March 13 and 14.

To support the hryvnia, the national Bank had two days in a row to enter the interbank market since this year’s largest sales dollar.

According to market participants, the NBU on March 13 sold 80 million USD, March 14 – about $ 30 million.

Since the beginning of the year, the regulator went out three times on the market with a sale of foreign currency for a total amount of 57.3 million dollars – twice in less than two days March 13 and 14.

“This case revealed the main problem of the Ukrainian foreign exchange market: its volume is so small that the situation can radically change several major operations”, – writes the edition.

Average interbank trading usually reach 300-500 million dollars per day, so even 277 million dollars that non-residents have gradually invested in hryvnia government bonds from mid-January to March, was enough to strengthen the hryvnia from 28.2% to 26.3 UAH per dollar.

“And if, before the end of March, such shocks should not be, already in mid-April, the hryvnia expects the new check – the repayment of short-term hryvnia government bonds. The buying of government bonds by non-residents has fallen off the dollar in January,” predicts

Note, in the last days the dollar exchange rate returned to 27 USD, and Euro 30.


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