The Hungarians of Transcarpathia gave Moskal signatures against the law on languages media

Венгры Закарпатья передали Москалю подписи против закона о языках - СМИ

Appeal to Poroshenko with 64 thousands of signatures, and will pass soon.

At the meeting with the head of the Transcarpathian regional state administration Gennady Moskal Hungarian community in the region transferred the appeal to the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko with the requirement not to violate the rights of national minorities. On it informs edition news of Transcarpathia.

According to the publication, under the appeal are 64069 signatures.

“We initiated the collection of signatures on the inadmissibility of restriction of rights of national minorities to use their native language. The result of the 112 settlements of Transcarpathian region were collected 64069 signatures of Ukrainian citizens under the requirement of the inadmissibility of restriction of the rights of national minorities to use their native language in all spheres of public life,” – said at the meeting, MP from Transcarpathia Vasyl Brenzovych.

In turn, the honorary President of the Union of Hungarians of Ukraine Mykhailo Tovt said that such bills “provoke a linguistic split in the country, inter-ethnic confrontation and enmity.”

“This proposal is contrary to both the letter and spirit of the Constitution of Ukraine and European standards of protection of cultural and linguistic diversity. Bills can cause dissatisfaction of national minorities, lead to aggravation of interethnic relations in our country,” said Toth.

The document is expected to soon will give Petro Poroshenko.

Earlier, the President submitted to the Parliament a bill on the use Ukrainian quotas on television. Under the bill, at least 75% of broadcasts on Ukrainian TV channels should be held in the Ukrainian language. MPs have supported the bill in the first reading.

Recall, November 8, 2016 in Ukraine came into force the law on quotas for songs in the Ukrainian language on the radio.

Resonant law on languages

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