The hunters for votes. How to make the election

Охотники за голосами. Как зарабатывают на выборах

Fake rallies – the trend of the season

Have field teams that serve presidential candidates, – harvest: before election day only a matter of weeks. Headquarters generously or sparingly paid agitators and participants of public actions, observers and members of election commissions.

In mid-February smart spin doctors have launched a nationwide flash-mob – held a loud protest: “Order the protesters and did not come to pay them”. Look, this story is fun for observers and very sad for a professional mitingovali, writes Olga Buividovich in No. 4 Magazine Reporter.

Instead of the promised several hundred hryvnia, and they’ve earned a runny nose and anger. At first they were recruited in specialized channels of the same Telegram, Viber, and even through ads. And then simple “thrown”. This story with variations is repeated in Odessa and Kiev, Kharkov and the Dnieper. Well, something else.

The most amusing of fake rallies were organized in Kharkiv: there was invited to stand for the candidate of the people – Anatoly Onoprienko. And none of paradisica to stand up with placards in support Onoprienko did not pay attention to the fact that the name and photo of the character coincide with belonging to the maniac serial killer who several years ago died in prison. Naive has promised to pay UAH 1,000 in three hours. Of course, not paid.

Why do it? Opinions diverge. And the organizers of the sweepstakes for glory don’t rush, as it does not crave to be pounded by those who played. There are two main versions.

First: spin doctors vaccinated against dumping – now the competitors will be more difficult to recruit the team.

Second: political scientists have increased their demand – bypass them it will be difficult to hire a team to participate in public actions.

Who are they, these fielders? The most massive of the major agitators, members of the public of the shares, the interviewers, the buyers of votes, observers at the polling stations and members of precinct election commissions. Field teams employed a lot of someone else, but those items off the street candidates are not recruited. Since those employees of the headquarters, heads of the election commissions (they are some of the members of the Commission, specially prepared) is the position at which to prevent random people, you should not.


One of the most popular professions, without which no self-respecting party is the agitator, standing in the tent. His responsibilities included not only the distribution of promotional materials – Newspapers, leaflets, calendars with the image of the candidates and emblems of parties, but testing the waters among the population. Us agreed to talk to Anna Privalova (name changed), who participated in the election campaigns since 2004 – she passed all the steps from the agitator to the member of the electoral Commission. Anna shared the secrets of agitator – “hunting” in the first place, goes to those voters who have not yet done: “It is for them to placed these kind of traps, by which a person passes every day. And when the hour comes, he will be ready to tick off the names of who was seen daily in a tent near the house”.

Payment? From 80 UAH per hour to stand in the tent and up to several thousand hryvnia per month – if it is to monitor the work of the group of agitators. And if the agitator in a tent passive, the working day may not be credited.

Gaining agitators usually with already soldered commands, not for the first time running in the elections. But the ads do not stop: with the introduction of graph search “work on elections” immediately POPs up with a dozen offers, including for agitators. In various cities, mostly in megacities.

This work is not particularly unpleasant, just requires you to be sociable and not lazy. But there is one circumstance in which employers usually keep quiet: provided by the agitators to distribute promotional materials are not always printed in the manner prescribed by law. For example, if in the newspaper, on the calendar or in the brochure does not specify where and what edition they were printed, distributors according to the Code of administrative offences faces a fine from 51 to 85 hryvnia. Well, the weather in February and March is not always a pleasure to work outdoors. That is required the cost is suitable for such purposes, clothes and shoes.

The party rallies and public actions

Another relatively peaceful specialty party rally. His responsibilities included together with such as he, come to the place indicated by the organizers, and to stand there until the end of the promotion. For one to two hours you can earn from 100 to 300 UAH.

However, if you hold the flag or a poster with party symbols, the reward may grow twice. And if it is “the porter of the coffin”, that is, a volumetric object, I will offer three times more. Very much appreciated by the organizers of the “foremen” and “captains” – those who for a couple of hours to collect for participation in the rally several tens or even hundreds of people.

It is clear that the “centurions” and “foremen” get a completely different money – their reward depends on the number of recruited “heads” and can be measured in the thousands hryvnia for one event. However, the risks are high – one of the victims from those already described of the drawing “foremen” complained to the Network that he was forced to give the above named people personal money. And very very actively looking for organizers “limiting” – to thank for a new life experience, apparently.

As a rule, meetings are held with the permission of the authorities. Sometimes there are unauthorized protests, but the price tag is fundamentally different. So at legal meetings of their members almost nothing to fear. Though from the attack of radicals or hired soldiers never insured.

Money for part in the action almost always be given after its completion. So organizers motivate participants to stay until the end and precisely follow the instructions received. The majority of participants in the public share are low – income or students. By and large, this is the most thankless and underpaid profession.

The interviewer

One thing is demanded from the interviewer – honesty. He must not “draw” the data in the questionnaires, he must carefully ask the locals questions listed here, carefully record the answers. This is done primarily to get an idea about how ready to vote in a particular district. Usually, if people are tested, and the results of the vote coincide with the expectations of staff, formed on the results of surveys and follow-up. And if not, what can be perceived discrepancies in the data.

However, not all the staffs are able to cover “their” people in these jobs. Then I turn on again coming ads, through which interviewers gain. For example, in Kiev and in the river such work is paid the same – from 50 UAH per application form.

The increasingly popular phone interview they pay 80 UAH. apiece.

Another survey, distributed at the polls – the polls, i.e. at the exit of the polling station. Its results are used in the headquarters to monitor the official counting of votes. And of course, to put pressure on potential falsifiers of the election commissions. According to the Deputy Director of the sociological research centre “sociopolis” Sergey Litvinov, is the most expensive type of survey, many times more expensive than conventional public opinion poll.

But the part of law enforcement interviewers were not in danger. Although the attempt to bribe voters after the questionnaire is quite possible to be under investigation, and then to a period of a few years in prison.

The vote buyers

Those who bribe the voters, always at a great price – for two reasons. First, because guarantee results. Second, because the risk is not very childish – this can give from two to seven years of imprisonment. And there were precedents. According to the adviser of the legal company Dega Partners Ruslan Chernovetskogo, this happened in early December of 2018, when the buyer of votes in the local elections in Odessa region, held in April 2018, was sentenced to 5 years with subsequent deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions.

And as told to the Correspondent the adviser to the interior Minister Ivan Varchenko, the beginning of the campaign against those who bribes voters, has opened about 30 criminal proceedings, and the end is not yet (see also pp. 28-30).

That is why paying for such activities are very generous, because the risks are very high. By the way, risk and marketing voice: they face criminal liability. And even a real term – 1-2 years.

Election observer

Quite highly valued the services of the observers of the electoral process – they help to protect the results and to repel the attempts of competitors to steal the vote. This work is ad hoc, but very intense. For example, on election day, you have to be active almost daily and continuously. Pay is from 500 to 3000 UAH, depending on the complexity of the task, the situation in the region and other circumstances.

What is the task? May be asked simply to stand and observe, not to violate the procedure. And you can put the task to control the voting of “their” voters that is already fraught with conflict with the law.

Gaining observer a month before election day. Usually the staffs are trying to staff these positions with motivated volunteers, but where they recruit. So we have to bring friends, but for the money. At the very least – looking through ads.

When a team of observers put together, they are training – there is a dismantle of a conflict situation that may arise on election day. In mid-February, the stakes were not particularly high. For example, for attending two or three meetings and one work day at a polling station in Podolsk district of Kiev offer 2700-3500 UAH. There is no doubt that by mid-March, rates grow. To participate as observer better provided that has a partner or partner then has the opportunity to insure each other. For example, at the time of short-term absences on the physiological needs, the observers contending staff can do.

Risks have observers there, the main thing is not to get involved in illegal actions. For this slapped adminshtraf a few thousand hryvnia. And if we are really hard actions like ballot stuffing, and a prison sentence is possible to obtain.

The members of the election Commission

This is real aristocracy of the field staff – their duties include the presence of one or two meetings held over two to three weeks before the election, one or two on duty at the site previously, as well as work on election day. The work of members of election commissions, paid by the state – about 1 thousand UAH for election day. But their own staff pays so much, how many was able to negotiate – from 2500 UAH and amounts to three times or four times larger.

If the member of the electoral Commission require to be in conflict with the law, payment is negotiated is quite different, but the risks are appropriate. In the hands of a member of the election Commission are the ballots, so that the space for manipulation exists, alas. And we must remember that the work of the members of the election Commission carefully monitored the voters, observers and other members from the competing candidate.

Participation in fraud fraught: for ballot stuffing member of the Commission may be fined up to 3400 UAH or assign correctional labor up to two years, or for the same two years incarceration. Equally severe sanctions, and even higher, based on other offences.

Take care of your health

Participation in the campaign requires strength and remarkable health. Standing in the snow and rain in the campaign tent. Around in the overflowing crowd, and even more – clash-paid rival hooligans. Daily vigil at a polling station on the voting day. It’s a great load. And because of all this you need to be ready.

For example, to be confident in their own ability to withstand such loads. And during your stay at the polling station to have water, food, necessary medications and medications “just in case” too.

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