The IG Nobel prize-2018: cannibalism and the taste of flies in the wine

Шнобелевская премия-2018: каннибализм и вкус мухи в вине

Was awarded the IG Nobel prize

This year’s winners were scientists that proved the inexpediency of cannibalism and the existence of the taste of flies in the wine.

In the United States held the 28th the ceremony of awarding the IG Nobel prize. The event was held at the Harvard University Sanders Theater. This year has been awarded to ten scientists who forced people “first laugh, and then think”. About this noted on the event website.

In chemistry this year was the best recognized once the three researchers have proved that human saliva cleans the dirty surface. The researchers compared the cleaning properties of saliva, white spirit, toluene, isooctane and dilute ammonia.

James Cole of the University of Brighton in Britain, received the award in the field of healthy nutrition for what proved too low calorie of a man to cannibalism for food among the ancient people. He found that the caloric content of the average person was only 125 calories is much lower than the calorie content killed a mammoth or bison.

The team of authors, who have studied the shouts and curses of drivers on the road, received the award for peace. Specialists have found that driver stress, fatigue and personal characteristics are the causes of aggression.

In literature noted a study on reading instruction conducted by Thea Blackler. She has proved. that men on average read the instructions more often than women. While older people do it more often young.

Booker prize named the five best books

In the field of Economics were leading scientists from Canada, which proved a person experiences a sense of relief when he mocks the voodoo doll representing their boss.

In the field of biology prize was awarded to Swedish scientists from the Academy of agricultural Sciences. They proved that man is able to taste the wine to decide whether it fly. The experiments were used fruit fly, which produces a pheromone to attract males. People called wine with visited it insects “more sturdy and has a strong smell”.

Prize for medicine was given to scientists from the University of Michigan. They were able to prove the benefits of a roller coaster in the removal of kidney stones. Thus, according to the researchers, the success of “treatment” affects even the sequence number of the trailer.

Earlier it was reported that Ukrainian film Director Oleg Sentsov was nominated for the Sakharov prize.

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