The IMF called the main requirements for Ukraine

В МВФ назвали главные требования к Украине

Jost Longman told about the goals of the IMF program in Ukraine

The key points of the Memorandum between the International monetary Fund and Ukraine are the market price of gas, the execution of the state budget, privatization of state enterprises and the opening of the land market.

The main goal of the program, which the IMF began in Ukraine in 2014 is Ukraine’s ability to service its external obligations. On Tuesday, February 12, said the IMF resident representative in Ukraine Jost Longman in an interview FinClub.

Among the key points of the Memorandum between the IMF and Ukraine, Longman allocated market price of gas, implementation of the budget of 2019, the privatization of state enterprises, opening of a land market and the fulfillment of Ukraine’s obligations on foreign debts.

“For anybody not a surprise that Ukraine is entering a period of relatively high debt payments during the last six months, international markets have designated a certain instability. In these circumstances, Ukraine needs to maintain macroeconomic stability, reduce its debt, structural reforms that will attract investors and thus enhance growth,” said Jost, Longman.

He also noted that to maintain cooperation with the IMF Ukraine needs to continue to introduce policies and reforms necessary for lasting economic growth, and thus have access to sources of funding.

Recall, the IMF assessed the risk of default in Ukraine due to the debt repayments in 2019.

Earlier it was reported that Longman commented on gas prices in Ukraine. The IMF noted the progress of Ukraine to move away from government control of gas prices for households.


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