The IMF gave a five-year forecast for the debts of Ukraine

МВФ дал пятилетний прогноз по долгам Украины

Ukraine will reduce public debt to 53% by 2024, according to the IMF

By the end of 2023 Ukraine’s public debt will decrease from 70.5% to 53% of GDP, according to analysts of the Fund.

The international monetary Fund predicts decline in the level of aggregate state (direct) and guaranteed debt of Ukraine to 53% of GDP by the end of 2023, the forecast given in the report of the Fiscal monitor.

According to IMF estimates, in 2018 the national debt will amount to 70.5% of GDP next year was 68.8% of GDP in 2020 – 64,4% of GDP, in 2021 is 60.4% of GDP in 2022 – of 56.4%.

In addition, the Fund predicts growth of deficit of the consolidated budget of Ukraine in the next two years. According to IMF estimates, the budget deficit this year will reach 2.5% of GDP in 2019 and 2.6% of GDP, and then is expected to decline to 2.3% of GDP in 2020, to 2.2% of GDP in 2021 to 2.2% of GDP in 2022 and to 2.1% of GDP in 2023.

Revenues to the consolidated budget in 2018, the IMF estimates at 40.5% of GDP while spending 43% of GDP. Forecast for 2019 implies growth and budget revenue to 40.7% of GDP and at the same time costs to 43.3% of GDP, in 2020 – reduction to 40.2% of GDP and 42.5% of GDP, respectively, for 2021 – to 39.8% of GDP and 42.1% of GDP, respectively, in 2022 – up to 39,6% of the GDP and 41.7% of GDP, respectively, and then, in 2023, it is expected a slight increase of revenues to 39.8% of GDP, expenditures – to 41.8% of GDP.

Earlier, the IMF downgraded the GDP growth forecast for Ukraine for the next two years, and also predicted the hryvnia.


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