The IMF warned about a new financial crisis

В МВФ предупреждают о новом финансовом кризисе

Lagarde urged to prepare for possible onset of the crisis in the world financial system.

The managing Director of the International monetary Fund Christine Lagarde does not exclude that the world may suffer another financial crisis. “There are some alarming processes. It may be a new economic crisis,” Lagarde said in the TV channel CNBC.

The IMF also noted the unpredictability of financial crises and called on Finance Ministers and policymakers to be careful and to prepare for the possible onset of the crisis in the world financial system.

At the same time, Lagarde can’t tell where this time will come the crisis and that it will provoke. “As a rule, the crisis never comes from where we expect”, – said the head of the IMF.

Lagarde also noted that in order to be prepared for the shocks of a world government needs to ensure that the financial sector of their countries supervised and well regulated and financial institutions are healthy. In her opinion, it is necessary to anticipate and to prepare protective measures to face a potential crisis.

Note that the world economic crisis began with a financial collapse in the US in 2008. The scale and consequences of his match with the great depression of the 1930-ies. In 2009, the global GDP for the first time since the Second world war showed a negative trend.

Previously, the famous American financier George Soros stated that the UK’s decision to leave the EU “unleashed” the crisis in the financial markets as in 2007-2008.

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