The importer denies ban Aflubin in Ukraine

Импортер опровергает запрет Афлубина в Украине

OOO “OMEGA PHARMA UKRAINE” denies the ban on the sale and use of medicinal product in Ukraine.

The company “OMEGA PHARMA UKRAINE”, which is an importer of the drug Aflubin and official representative of the company-producer Richard Bittner AG (Austria) in Ukraine, denies the ban on the sale and use of medicinal product in Ukraine.

According to the representative of the company, under the ban of the State service of Ukraine on drugs and drug control got discovered in an underground warehouse adulteration of the drug Aflubin drops oral 20 ml, series 7351286 with a shelf life of up to 11/2012.

Important! This counterfeit series was arrested at the warehouse of counterfeit drugs, wholesale and retail trade not reported and could not do in relation to that on the fake packages to the expiration date of 11/2012.

“I want to emphasize that all the series and shapes, drops and oral tablets, the drug Aflubin, which are imported, OOO “OMEGA PHARMA UKRAINE” and are currently on sale, approved for use and implementation in Ukraine”, – said the Director of the company Ludmila Dzyuba.

The company reminds that the original drug Aflubin, tablets and oral drops, duly registered in Ukraine (R. S. No. UA/10018/01/01 approved by Order of Ministry of health of Ukraine dated 18.09.2014; R. S. No. UA/1952/02/01 approved by Order MH of Ukraine from 23.02.2012.) and allowed to implement and use.

Company profile

The pharmaceutical company OMEGA PHARMA – manufacturer of OTC drugs. Founded in 1987 in Belgium, in 2013 it was among TOP 5 OTC companies in Europe. Currently present in the markets of 35 countries and has a portfolio of approximately 2,000 medicines.

On the Ukrainian market OMEGA PHARMA UKRAINE has emerged after the group’s acquisition of the “Omega Pharma” companies “Richard Bittner AG” in October 2006.