The incident of the auditor. Reaction of social networks to the attempt by the coalition to appoint the NAB Nigel brown

Казус аудитора. Реакция соцсетей на попытку коалиции назначить в НАБУ Найджела Брауна

A meeting of the anti-corruption Committee BP, recommended the Parliament to support the candidacy of brown

“The speed that staggers the imagination.” So MP Mustafa Nayem described the current process of electing the representative of Parliament in the Commission on audit NABOO. After lunch anti-corruption Committee of the Verkhovna Rada at the extraordinary meeting, agreed to recommend to Parliament to choose between the two candidates – Robert Starchem and Nigel brown. The problem is that previously, the Committee unanimously supported the candidacy Storch, who has previously worked in the U.S. justice Department, but in the session hall of the deputies from the BPP and the NF has submitted its candidature brown.

A new meeting was scheduled tomorrow. Today, however, a number of deputies went to the anti-corruption Committee and held the meeting without the head Yegor Sobolev. A new decision of the Committee says that there is support both candidates. The decision was immediately carried into the hall, where it is after an unexpected interruption has not received the required number of votes and was not included in the agenda. Now the question will be considered later, but it caused uproar among MPs and public figures. Many suspected the coalition in the desire at all costs to dismiss the head of the NABOO Artem Sytnik. The fact that the chief auditor shall prepare a report, the results of which can be dismissed by the head of the NABOO. Brown has already publicly expressed that he is not satisfied with the work of the anticorruption body.

Network Troll went on Facebook and appreciated the comments of politicians, journalists and public figures.

Blogger Roman shrayk described the question with his usual expression:

Svetlana Zalishchuk and Moustapha Nayem long argued against brown:

And here they are talking about (not) sequence fighters:

Yegor Sobolev, behind which held a meeting of his Committee, after the failure of the vote in the hall wrote this:

The show goes on, see you at the next attempt. Your Network Troll.

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