The increase in gas prices will achieve the population, – Kucherenko

Повышение цены на газ добьет население, - Кучеренко

The increase in gas prices will negatively affect the population of Ukraine, said on the “Prime Evening” on TV channel “112 Ukraine”, the former Minister of housing Oleksiy Kucherenko.

“It’s not just hitting, it is, in my understanding, definitely will finish the population of Ukraine”, – he said.

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According to him, the price increase has been previously established in the Memorandum with IMF terms.

“As to the reasonableness of this price, for some reason, Mr. Groysman has decided ahead of schedule to execute the Memorandum of the IMF. This Memorandum, which was signed by Yatsenyuk, he at least recorded of 0.75, three-quarters of the import prices. Mr. Groysman has decided to recoil from 100% of import and equate the unknown to the European market price,” – said Kucherenko.

“Can’t do that, because the income is sorely lagging behind,” added the former Minister.

We will remind, today the Cabinet has established a single price for gas in the amount of 6 thousand UAH 879. We will note, earlier the Prime Minister did not rule out that this recent change in gas prices in the state’s history.

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman noted that it was aware that it was a difficult decision for the country. “I know you think that populists will begin to say that all was lost, that “a disaster, everything is very bad”, but no, I believe that we accept a state decision that today we are able to provide support to those who need it”.