The increase in sales on the Internet. Free seminar on Internet marketing in Kiev

Увеличение продаж в интернете. Бесплатный семинар по интернет-маркетингу в Киеве

On may 17 in Kiev will host a free seminar on Internet marketing, organized by the Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts”.

You will learn how to quickly increase the number of bids, as in the long term to attract cheap traffic and new customers. How to collect maximum information about visitors of the website, analyze it and make the right decisions for improving the site or the entire business.

You will be a useful workshop if You:

  • get your business online.
  • already working on the Internet, but want to improve the quality of its business and its profitability.
  • just want to speak with your contractor in the same language, with the ability to understand the effectiveness of its actions,
  • if you just set a goal to increase their Internet marketing literacy and life hacks to hear from the best practitioners and lecturers in this field.

The program of the seminar:

Step 1. Define goals

  • Define goals and translate them offline to online
  • Custom Google Analytics goals and events
  • Custom e-Commerce module
  • Customizable reports, monitor users with the help of webvisor and analysis forms

Step 2. Monitor the competition and form a strategy

  • The estimated demand on the Internet
  • Planned budget
  • Create a package of tools to use

Step 3. Optimize website for promotion

  • Prepare resource indexing by search engines
  • Collect the semantic core of the site
  • Publish unique content
  • Monitor reference ground

Step 4. Accelerated sales processes with the help of contextual advertising

  • The main advantages of contextual advertising
  • Customized communication with Analytics
  • Choose keywords
  • Create ads
  • Custom targeting
  • Plug the remarketing

Step 5. Parse the examples of successful cases

  • Case 220volt
  • Case “three whales”


Anton Voronyuk: Director of development Agency effective Internet marketing “WebPromo”. In 2012, under his leadership, launched the Academy of Internet marketing WebPromoExperts”.

His professionalism and skills are confirmed by the following certifications: Google Analytics IQ, Google AdWords IQ, IQ Google Apps, Yandex.Direct, Begun.

We should also mention his performances at the largest IT conference in Eastern Europe iForum in 2012-2015.

Olga Onikienko: Head of the Department of education WebPromoExperts. In marketing since 2008, last 3 years in Internet marketing. In the portfolio development of all educational programs of the Academy, as well as the development of projects online conferences WebPromoExperts Days.

Certified specialist Google Analytics.

Vladimir Curiae: leading specialist of context advertising WebPromo;

Sergey Gudkov: Internet marketer, project Manager, programmer.
More than 9 years of experience in the field of Internet marketing. The first web project launched in 2004. From 2007 to 2011 he was the project Manager in the Agency.
Since 2008 Sergey has been blogging about the increase in the conversion
From 2011 to 2014 he held the position of head of the departments of Internet marketing on the client side (e-commerce). 2016 — the head of Department improve conversion (CRO) in the campaign WebPromo.


For more information

For 3 years the Academy organized 61 free seminar on integrated Internet marketing, which called for 9903. At these seminars for 3 hours talking about web Analytics, SEO and contextual advertising. Now the organizers have decided to allocate 3 hours for each subject individually to maximize it to develop and show real examples.

The seminar will be held may 17, 2016 at 14:00 at the address mentioned below:

Kyiv, str (pace) 3, conference centre “OLYMPIC HALL station”

To register for the seminar