The inhabitant of Kherson flew in from Beijing and was in the hospital

Житель Херсона прилетел из Пекина и попал в больницу

The man went to the doctors with a cold, he now receives anti-inflammatory therapy, the health of the patient normal.

In Kherson was hospitalized a man who came from China, the diagnosis 2019 coronavirus-nCOV have not yet confirmed. This was announced by the Director of the health Department of the regional state administration Viktor Korolenko, reports UKRINFORM.

“There is no suspicion, came hersonets who was in China, in Beijing. Two days ago, the man got sick. He was hospitalized,” – said Korolenko.

The Director of the regional infectious hospital Vladimir Mitkovsky told that the man went to the doctors with a cold, confused only that he arrived from Beijing. “Patient is receiving anti-inflammatory therapy, the normal health of the patient. The coronavirus does not seem at all”, – said Mitkowski.

According to Korolenko, now the main task for the authorities to take measures to prevent cases of coronavirus. Why such attention to people who come from countries where it is confirmed that there are such patients. It is also important to protect medical personnel, said Korolenko.

He added that the problem for Kherson is that Chinese products from Odessa market and go to Kherson. Products accompany people who buy goods in China.

But returning from China resident not confirmed coronavirus. According to the representative of Lviv regional clinical hospital for infectious diseases, as of January 29, repeated tests have not confirmed the presence of a student of coronavirus and flu viruses. Also in hospitalized disappeared symptoms. The doctors plan to discharge him on January 30.

We will remind, doctors will be in touch by phone with citizens, starting from January 1, arrived from China.

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