The inhabitant of Odessa region the car heats stove

Житель Одесской области отапливает авто буржуйкой

The stove is completely safe. The open fire in the cabin

Thanks man stove saves on gasoline. The police did not forbid him to use the new stove.

A resident of the village of Koshary, Odessa region Anatoly Belous has improved its car Moskvich, setting the oven in this stove that heats with wood and coal. It is reported by the Duma on Tuesday, February 19.

The man told that “regular” stove had broken, there was new money, and he long went without heating.

“It was cold, uncomfortable, fog up the glass. And I have to go to another village, Sychavka, meet the wife from work. In the evenings quite cold. And now quite another matter”, – says Anatoly.

According to him, problems with the police because stoves had not. None of the legal document does not specify what heating system you have in the car, and what not. In addition, the stove is safe: open fire in the cabin, and a fire extinguisher always at hand.

Anatoly said that thanks to the stove, it saves on gasoline.

“Yes, even without wood or coal to drive. Any bark, twigs – everything burns,” says the owner of the Moskvich.

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