The inhabitants of Pompeii exploded head – scientists

У жителей Помпей взорвались головы - ученые

The scientists said, as died the inhabitants of Pompeii

Archaeologists said that the time of the eruption of people died almost instantly from boiling liquids in the body.

Specialists from Italy have examined the remains of the dead inhabitants of Pompeii and talked about their death. Research data published in the journal Plos One.

The inhabitants of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabia, situated at the foot of Vesuvius, died in 79 ad during the eruption. According to archaeologists, most residents head literally exploded.

Having studied the bones of the dead, the experts found that death was instantaneous. The temperature in the city has increased so much that the blood within the body boil, turning into steam. He created incredible pressure that the skull exploded.

This is evidenced by a mineral with a high content of iron and its oxides inside the bones and skulls.

The archaeologists in Bulgaria have found a unique fresco depicting Christ. Also the Correspondent wrote that the girl found in the lake of the millennial sword of the Vikings

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