The injury is serious. Lawyer Yanukovych could not meet his client

Травма серьезная. Адвокат Януковича не смог встретиться с подзащитным

The lawyer of the former President Viktor Yanukovych failed to meet with his client in Moscow because of alleged serious injury.

Trauma in former President Viktor Yanukovych was very serious. On Tuesday, 4 December, said his lawyer Alexander Gorodinsky in Facebook.

“Arrived in Moscow on the planned court session on 5 December. Unfortunately, to meet with Viktor Yanukovych personally failed. It turned out only to see a visiting doctor from Israel – famous surgeon Ealem Attiasa,” wrote the lawyer in the social network.

According to him, a foreign doctor was invited to conduct a more in-depth consultations on further treatment tactics of Yanukovych.

“During our meeting Mr Attias told me the following: Representatives of Yanukovych appealed to us in the 20’s of November. They sent for the study of some medical documents. We looked at them and deemed it necessary to conduct the examination of the patient. Agreed date of arrival. The results of our visit and inspection can tell that the injury is very serious,” quoted the surgeon’s lawyer.

The doctor also stated the need for additional tests, “to make the decision on whether surgical intervention may not be one.”

“We would like to carry out further tests and treatment in our clinic in Israel. We will discuss this possibility with the patient and is likely to organize his move”, – quotes the words of attiasa defender of the former President.

He also added that after the meeting the doctor in agreement with the Yanukovych gave him expert insights.

“I must say that I can’t disclose details of diagnosis and name of clinic. Passed to me by a doctor Attiasa documents immediately file in Obolonskyi court after my return,” he promised Gorodinski.

Earlier in mass media there was information that Yanukovych was hospitalized with serious injuries in Moscow.

Soon, his lawyers said that the former President will be hospitalized for about three weeks and will not be able to appear in court with his last word on the case of treason.

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