The injury of a player, the Brazilian Shapechange saved his life

Травма футболиста бразильского Шапеконэнсе спасла ему жизнь

Alejandro Martinucci

Injury saved the life of the attacker Shapechange Alejandro Martinucci.

As usually happens in such cases, there are always people who for one reason or another are not sent to the fatal journey.

Late plane, poor sleep or problems with the documents often save people from death and the tragedy that shook the sports world is not without similar case.

The Argentine newcomer club of Alejandro Martinucci not went to the first final match of the team because of an injury. The coaching staff decided that the recovery may be inhibited because of the flights and decided to leave the striker at home, so that he could get fit and play the return match against Colombian Atletico Nacional.

“This is the hardest moment… this morning I woke up and was immediately shocked by the news. I’m just devastated. I am recovering from injury for more than a month and therefore did not fly with the team”.

Note that in addition to Alejandro, check-out go two more players who were disqualified. Photo that needs no comments:

Three players that were injured/suspended for the final and didn’t travel with the team Chapecoense.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

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We will remind, this night Chaperones went on the first season finals of the Copa Sudamericana against Colombian Atletico Nacional. The aircraft company British Aerospace crashed during flight over the province of Antioquia in the area of La Unión. From the 81st aboard aircraft people survived only five, two of whom are players Shapechange. Both drivers are in critical condition, one of whom already had a leg amputated, another had severe problems with the spinal cord.

The same news on the Injury of a player, the Brazilian Shapechange saved his life

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