The InSight probe got to Mars and landed

Зонд InSight добрался до Марса и совершит посадку

Fit InSight probe to Mars online

NASA will show the landing apparatus on the surface of the planet in live. For a successful landing of the probe will be a total of six minutes.

Research InSight probe reached Mars and is preparing to land on the red planet. Planting will take place on Monday, November 26, at 21:00 Kyiv time. It is reported by NASA, the online broadcast will carry NASA TV.

Until the descent of the probe to the planet, the Agency will conduct an interview with experts of the mission.
InSight has a specific landing point, carefully selected by experts. The probe must descend into the region of the volcanic highlands of Elysium. All maneuvers of the apparatus will be six minutes for which he needs to reduce speed by 19,300 to 8 km/h.

The probe is not a Rover, so will not be able to move on the surface of the planet. Therefore the landing site, scientists have devoted so much effort. The InSight probe and its launch cost $ 850 million.

The device will collect data from Mars ‘ surface temperature, seismic activity, and will create an underground map.

With the successful landing InSight will become the eighth research probe running ever on Mars.

Previously, NASA showed a picture of Jupiter and its moon IO. The photo was taken from a distance of 18400 kilometers. Also in the United States launched the Antares rocket, with cargo. Cygnus will deliver about three and a half tons of cargo to the International space station.

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